FFIL is a global leader in the integrated design, procurement, construction, and project management of oil & gas facilities. We offer a full range of contracting for project services from development through engineering & construction to capital projects for operating facilities focused on petrochemicals, upstream & downstream oil and gas, pipelines, and tanks.


  • Upstream

    FFIL has executed projects for Oil production facilities in Africa. To enhance the production capabilities, the O&G companies usually tie in and put on stream additional oil producers from the current fields and to increase their water supply resources and water injection capacities for maintaining the pressure of the oil bearing reservoir in the existing fields. Such jobs covers several producing wells, oil gathering manifolds, flow lines, trunk lines, water supply wells and water injectors spread over the existing fields. We have immense experience in Designing, Procurement, Installation, Testing and Commissioning in accordance with the specifications, standards, codes and in accordance with the governing authorities, rules, regulations and laws. We provide all project management supervision and support services for the above mentioned scope of work.

  • Downstream

    We have built many downstream projects, including revamping or installation of refinery units. Our major experience revolves around Site Fabrication, Erection, Commissioning of Fired Heaters, Hydrogen Reformers, Waste Heat Recovery System, Hot & Cold Catalyst Hopper, Refractory Lining Works, Composite Works including Mechanical, Civil, Structural, In-plant Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation Works.

  • Tankages

    We have a strong delivery record on tankage solutions both for acid and non acid duty including revamping as well as green field and brown field projects. We provide a one stop solution from Detailed Design Engineering to Procurement, Civil & Structural Works, Mechanical & Inter-connecting Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation & Insulation works as well. Our expertise in Tankage Construction includes Tanks with Cone Roof, Floating Roof, Cone-cum Floating Roof, Dome Roof Storage Tanks. Incase of Revamping Jobs, our expertise includes but not limited to:

    1) Tank Cleaning – Removal of sludge from all the crude tanks and transporting and dumping into sludge pit
    2) Dismantling, Fabrication and Erection of Floating Roof Tanks

    • Existing deck, pontoon along with pipe support, bearing plates and other appurtenance.
    • Providing clean out door.
    • Level gauges, Anti-rotating device and gauge well pipe.
    • Rolling ladder, track and top landing platform.
    • Primary and secondary wind girders.
    • Swivel joints type roof drain.
    • Replacement of mechanical type of seals with foam seals.
    • Foam lines along with foam makers and foam pourers.
    • Bottom plate replacement and repairs.
    • Corroded tank shell portions and curb angle.
    • Repairs to stairways.
    • Cooling water system along with sprinklers.

    3) Dismantling, Fabrication and Erection of Fixed roof tanks

    • Complete roof and roof appurtenances.
    • Corroded tank shell portions and curb angle.
    • Bottom plate replacement and repairs.
    • Cooling water system along with sprinklers.
    • Level gauges, Foam lines along with foam makers and foam pourers.
    • Repairs to the stairways/cage ladders and roof man ways.

    4) Inspection and testing

    • Inspection of materials.
    • Stage wise inspection of construction progress.
    • Welding inspections
    • Vacuum testing of bottom plates weld seams.
    • Hydro testing of connected pipelines.
    • Floating test.
    • Hydrotesting of the tanks.

    5) Sand blasting and Painting
    6) Bitumen Padding



9th Apr, 16

Awarded Composite works at M/s. BPCL, Mahul

Two projects awarded consisting of Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Insulation & Painting works for TGTU at M/s. BPCL, Mumbai Refinery.

24th Apr, 16

FFIL completes 38 No. Tankages for Godrej Industries Ltd.

Successful completion of Supply, Fabrication & Erection of 38 No. Tanks at Valia, Gujarat.

24th Jun, 16

FFIL bagged an award for EPC works Sulphuric Acid Storage Tanks for OCP, Morocco

A mammoth project has been awarded to FFIL by Groupe OCP, Morocco. It consists of complete Civil & Structural works, E&I, Mechanical & Piping Works including construction of storage tanks.

28th Oct, 16

Furnace Fabrica enters Soda Ash plant sector

Awarded Mechanical works for M/s. Rohit Surfactants Pvt. Ltd., Dwarka. This marks FFIL’s entry in another segment of chemical industry (Soda Ash plant).

30th Oct, 16

FFIL awarded first project to be executed for M/s. Ramagundam Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

Awarded Building works worth for M/s. RFCL, Ramagundam. This is a critical politically driven project for the revival of Ramagundam Fertilizers Complex.

8th Dec, 2016

Two Contracts bagged for Infra works for M/s. Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners

Awarded two huge Infra works for M/s. Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners. It consists of Construction Of Two Nos. Of Right Turn Flyovers Across Kona Expressway & Renewal of Tram Track with concreted pavement along R.G. Kar Road.