Workshop: ISO 9001-2000 Certified

Fabrication of carbon steel and alloy steel equipments

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Cooler bundles
  • Reactors/ Process Vessels
  • Columns
  • Boilers


  • 2000 TPD alumina calcination plant : NALCO, Damanjodi.
  • Revamping of alumina calcination plants A & B : NALCO.
  • Revamping of alumina calcination plants A & B : NALCO.


  • 50,000 Cu TPY Kaldo Plant : SWIL Ltd, Bharuch.
  • Cu recovery units : HZL,Chanderia
  • Cu. recovery and Hg.removal units : HZL, Chanderiya.

Iron & Steel

  • Jindal Stailess Steel, Orissa.
  • Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, Raigad, Chattisgarh

Zinc and Lead

  • Roaster and waste heat boiler : HZL, Chanderia
  • Wet gas cleaning plant : HZL, Chanderia.
  • Jarofix Plant : HZL, Chanderia.
  • Roasting, gas cleaning, leaching, electrolysis and zinc dust units : Binani Zinc Ltd.
  • Lime slurry handling system & effluent treatment plant : HZL, Debari.
  • Gas cleaning units : HZL,Debari, Vizag and Chanderiya
  • Revamping of zinc plants : HZL, Debari and Vizag.
  • Expansion of Lead smelter : HZL, Vizag.
  • Lead purification unit : HCL.


  • 30 TPD caustic soda plant : Atul Products, Silvassa.
  • Caustic Soda plant : Travancore Cochin Chemicals.
  • DECOFOL project : HIL, Cochin.
  • 20MT/hr palm oil extraction plant : Oil Palm Ltd.,Kerala.
  • Toilet soap plant : HLL.
  • Alkyd resin plant : KCMC, Kuwait.


  • DAP NPK Plant : IFFCO, Kandla.
  • Hydrogen Reformer :FACT, Cochin.
  • Ammonium Sulphate unit and Ammonia barge unloading facility : FACT, Cochin.
  • Pyrite roasters with gas cleaning units : PPCL.
  • Urea hydrolyser unit : PIC, Kuwait.
  • Formic Acid tanks : RCF, Thal.
  • Fertilizer silo : PPL, Paradeep.
  • SO2 scrubbing system with regeneration : RCF, Trombay.

Sulphuric Acid

1. Gas based Sulphuric acid plants

  • 300 TPD SAP : Pyrites Phosphate & Chemical Ltd.
  • 950 TPD Sulphuric acid plant : HZL, Chanderia.
  • 600 TPD SAP : HZL
  • 1600 TPD SAP : Sterlite Industries Ltd.
  • 450 TPD SAP : Padaeng Industries.

2. Sulphur combustion acid plants

  • 330 TPD SAP : RCF
  • 36 TPD SAP : Kuwait Sulphuric Acid Company.
  • 30 TPD SAP : Qatar Industrial Mfg. Co.
  • 150 TPD SAP : VAM Organics, Delhi.

Oil & Gas

  • Field surface facilities phase-4 project : GNPOCL, Sudan.
  • Turnaround of Galana Raffinerie Terminal, Madagascar.
  • Composite works for LPG-ATU/FCCU : Kochi Refinery Ltd
  • Offsites for capacity expansion cum modernization project PH1 : Kochi Refinery Ltd.
  • Fired heaters (16 million BTU) and Hydrogen reformer : IOCL, Panipat.
  • Waste heat boiler system : HPCL.
  • Flare system : MRPL, Mangalore.


  • PVC plant and flare system with catalytic conversion : Cabot Sanmar Ltd.
  • Dehydrogeneration catalyst plant : IPCL, Thane.
  • Caprolactum plant : GSFC.

Tank Farms

  • Bulk Fuel Oil Storage Tanks for Aviation Fuel : Maldives Airport Authority, Gan Island.
  • Construction of tanks : KCMC, Kuwait.
  • Sulphuric Acid storage tanks : KSAC, Kuwait.
  • Sulphuric Acid storage tanks : Qatar Acid Company, Qatar.
  • Crude oil tanks : Galana Raffinerie Terminal, Madagascar.
  • Tanks for vegetable oil refinery (approx. 1600 MT) : Cargill India Pvt. Ltd., Paradeep & Kandla.
  • New Cone Roof & Dome Roof Tanks : Indian Oil Corporation.
  • Tankages : Vedanta Alumina Ltd.(approx. 2500 MT)
  • 300 MT Sulphuric Acid storage tank : MCF
  • Tank farm : Galana Raffinerie Terminal, Madagascar.


  • 1.4 MTPA Clinker Grinder Unit: Binani Cement Ltd.
  • 4750 TPD cement plant : Binani Cement Ltd.


  • 280,000 TPA Coke oven battery : Sesa Steel Ltd.
  • 25 MW captive power plant : Binani Cement Ltd.
    5 MW captive power plant : Binani Zinc Ltd.
    Flue Gas desulphurization units : Tata Electric.
    Chopped strand glass fibre plant with utilities (O2 plant) : Goa glass fibre.

Project Gallery


9th Apr, 16

Awarded Composite works at M/s. BPCL, Mahul

Two projects of total USD 5.3m awarded in Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Insulation & Painting works for TGTU at M/s. BPCL, Mumbai Refinery.

24th Apr, 16

FFIL completes 38 No. Tankages for Godrej Industries Ltd.

Successful completion of Supply, Fabrication & Erection of 38 No. Tanks at Valia, Gujarat.

24th Jun, 16

FFIL bagged an award for EPC works Sulphuric Acid Storage Tanks for OCP, Morocco

A project value of USD 21.5m has been awarded to FFIL by Groupe OCP, Morocco. It consists of complete Civil & Structural works, E&I, Mechanical & Piping Works.

28th Oct, 16

Furnace Fabrica enters Soda Ash plant sector

Awarded Mechanical works worth USD 5.25m for M/s. Rohit Surfactants Pvt. Ltd., Dwarka. This marks FFIL’s entry in another segment of chemical industry (Soda Ash plant).

30th Oct, 16

FFIL awarded first project to be executed for M/s. Ramagundam Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

Awarded Building works worth USD 12.17m for M/s. RFCL, Ramagundam. This is a critical politically driven project for the revival of Ramagundam Fertilizers Complex.

8th Dec, 2016

Two Contracts bagged for Infra works for M/s. Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners

Awarded two Infra works worth USD 6.5m for M/s. Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners. It consists of Construction Of Two Nos. Of Right Turn Flyovers Across Kona Expressway & Renewal of Tram Track with concreted pavement along R.G. Kar Road.