FFIL proudly announces itself as Asia’s most reputed builders of Sulphuric Acid Plants world wide. FFIL was closely associated with Outotec, Germany (formerly Lurgi Metallurgie GmbH) a world-wide leader in sulphuric acid technology. The business relationship started in the early eighties with fabrication of plant section and equipment for sulphur based and off-gas based acid plants. Today, FFIL offers a complete gamut of plants, technologies and equipment for the sulphuric acid industry in India as well as abroad.

We offer vast experience for such projects whether they are mini scaled at 100 TPD, or mega-sized ones at 2000 + TPD, it supports the client according to their business needs. We aim to focus on meeting the client’s specific targets.

Our scope of services for any project begins with feasibility studies and comprises lump sum turnkey solutions with extensive technical support throughout the life of the plant.

The technologies consists of solutions for various processes involving Non ferrous Metallurgy, Oleum production, Liquid Sulphur Dioxide production and Various Chemical productions. But generally, there are two types of technologies to provide with:


1) Gas based Sulphuric Acid



Generally, Roasting is an essential process in Metallurgical Industries which involves gas-solid reactions to remove sulphur and impurities such as Arsenic, Antimon, Mercury and Halogenides from concentrates and ores. FFIL utilizes fluidized bed technology which enables the transformation of sulfides (e.g. ZnS, FeS2) into oxides (e.g. ZnO, Fe2O3) and SO2(g). Moreover, FFIL offers systems and solutions for heat recovery. The process recovers waste heat from the acid circulating system and produces low-pressure steam for process use or power generation as per client’s requirement.

The off-gas treatment and energy recovery system of the roaster includes following process steps:

  • Hot Offgas Cooling & dust separation
  • Wet Gas Cleaning
  • Sulphuric Acid Plant

2) Element based Sulphuric Acid


As sulphur enters the combustion chamber in molten condition, most plants already receive it in liquid form. In some cases where solid sulphur is delivered, FFIL provides all the facilities for sulphur melting and filtration which makes sulphur suitable for combustion.
FFIL designs and supplies loading and unloading stations for solid and liquid sulphur as well as sulphur filtration and storage units.

FFIL is supported by captive fabrication facilities for Mechanical, Piping, Structural works as well as inhouse production of Refractory Products, Pollution Control & Rubber Lining Solutions. With services such as Mechanical, Special Piping, Equipment Installations, Relocation, Revamping, Civil works, Shutdown management, Plant operations and Insulation works with a proven delivery record and systematic planning of execution, Furnace Fabrica is anyone’s first choice for SAP installations.


9th Apr, 16

Awarded Composite works at M/s. BPCL, Mahul

Two projects awarded consisting of Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Insulation & Painting works for TGTU at M/s. BPCL, Mumbai Refinery.

24th Apr, 16

FFIL completes 38 No. Tankages for Godrej Industries Ltd.

Successful completion of Supply, Fabrication & Erection of 38 No. Tanks at Valia, Gujarat.

24th Jun, 16

FFIL bagged an award for EPC works Sulphuric Acid Storage Tanks for OCP, Morocco

A mammoth project has been awarded to FFIL by Groupe OCP, Morocco. It consists of complete Civil & Structural works, E&I, Mechanical & Piping Works including construction of storage tanks.

28th Oct, 16

Furnace Fabrica enters Soda Ash plant sector

Awarded Mechanical works for M/s. Rohit Surfactants Pvt. Ltd., Dwarka. This marks FFIL’s entry in another segment of chemical industry (Soda Ash plant).

30th Oct, 16

FFIL awarded first project to be executed for M/s. Ramagundam Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

Awarded Building works worth for M/s. RFCL, Ramagundam. This is a critical politically driven project for the revival of Ramagundam Fertilizers Complex.

8th Dec, 2016

Two Contracts bagged for Infra works for M/s. Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners

Awarded two huge Infra works for M/s. Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners. It consists of Construction Of Two Nos. Of Right Turn Flyovers Across Kona Expressway & Renewal of Tram Track with concreted pavement along R.G. Kar Road.