Business Groups


Our subsidiary for refractory and acid resistant products has been operating for over 20 years and is equipped with manufacturing, testing and R&D facilities.

It has produced and marketed various grades of insulation bricks, high/low alumina castables, ramming masses and high strength mortars among other products, for applications in refineries, cement, iron & steel, fertilizer, petroleum industries etc.

It is enlisted with Engineers India Ltd., MECON Ltd., and UHDE India and has worked with multiple third party agencies.


Our manufacturing subsidiaries produce chemical resistant cements and refractory products that are in line with required quality standards and are customized to meet clients’ needs for corrosion protection.


Our subsidiary facility also tests, manufactures and installs pollution control equipment such as candle filters, demisters, gas cleaning scrubbers for desalination and fertilizer plants, refineries and the non-ferrous metallurgical sector.


For more than 25 years, we have provided surface protection rubber lining systems and transportation systems for corrosive and abrasive media.

Our products and services include:

a) Corrosion resistant/Abrasion Resistant Linings

b) Desalination/Water Treatment Linings

c) Food Grade Linings

d) PTFE Linings

e) On-site lining for equipment that are too large to be transported.

f) Flexible rubber hoses

g) Dredging hoses

h) Steel fabrication


13 Feb, 2020

Furnace Fabrica joins hands with EME Education- SAP partner and leading player in education & technology to create an industry-ready pool of skilled youth.

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29 Nov, 2019

Significant Milestone achieved with ISO 45001: 2018 Certification- the newest OHS Management System standard

29 Jan, 2019

Significant Manufacturing Order for Expansion Project in Western India

31 Aug, 2018

EPCC Order for Large Process Plant from Leading Indian-based Synthetic Fiber Manufacturer

30 July, 2018

Large Contract Awarded for Aluminium Refinery in Eastern India

20 April, 2017

Major Contract Awarded for Infrastructure Works by Southern-India based public sector refinery

12 April, 2017

Large Contract Awarded for Continous Copper Rod Casting & Rolling Plant in Western India

17 Feb, 2017

Significant Public Sector Contract awarded for Integrated Refinery Expansion Project in Southern India

24 Dec, 2016

Major Contract Awarded by Leading Exporter of Phosphate Fertilizer in Morocco