We offer project management support for oil & gas facilities in line with specifications and codes enforced by regulatory agencies.

Areas of Interest:

1. Upstream Oil and Gas Production

2. Downstream Oil and Gas Production

3. Pipelines

4. Tanks

5. Petrochemicals



      The process of upstream oil production produces water which requires proper handling, as it contains impurities that increase its toxicity. This “produced water” is usually injected into a disposal well or into the oil reservoir in order to pressurize the latter and consequently, increase oil recovery from an existing field. For this purpose, oil fields require disposal wells, oil manifold systems, flow lines, trunk lines water injectors etc.


      In the downstream phase, natural gas and oil based products are processed, sold and distributed. We have installed and revamped refinery units, focusing on various aspects such as site fabrication, commissioning of fired heaters, hydrogen reformers, hot and cold catalyst hoppers, refractory lining works, in-plant piping, waste heat recovery system and composite works.


We provide tankage solutions for acid and non-acid heavy-duty tanks as well as green-field and brown-field projects.


a) Tankage construction (tanks with cone roof, floating roof, dome roof storage tanks):

b) Revamping which includes (among other things):

1) Tank Cleaning – Removal of sludge from all the crude tanks and transporting and dumping into sludge pit

2) Dismantling, Fabrication and Erection of Floating Roof Tanks:

  • Existing deck, pontoon along with pipe support, bearing plates and other appurtenance.
  • Providing clean out door.
  • Level gauges, Anti-rotating device and gauge well pipe.
  • Rolling ladder, track and top landing platform.
  • Primary and secondary wind girders.
  • Swivel joints type roof drain.
  • Replacement of mechanical type of seals with foam seals.
  • Foam lines along with foam makers and foam pourers.
  • Bottom plate replacement and repairs.
  • Corroded tank shell portions and curb angle.
  • Repairs to stairways.
  • Cooling water system along with sprinklers.

3) Dismantling, Fabrication and Erection of Fixed roof tanks

  • Complete roof and roof appurtenances.
  • Corroded tank shell portions and curb angle.
  • Bottom plate replacement and repairs.
  • Cooling water system along with sprinklers.
  • Level gauges, Foam lines along with foam makers and foam pourers.
  • Repairs to the stairways/cage ladders and roof man ways.

4) Inspection and testing

  • Inspection of materials.
  • Stage wise inspection of construction progress.
  • Welding inspections
  • Vacuum testing of bottom plates weld seams.
  • Hydro testing of connected pipelines.
  • Floating test.
  • Hydro-testing of the tanks.

5) Sand blasting and Painting

6) Bitumen Padding



13 Feb, 2020

Furnace Fabrica joins hands with EME Education- SAP partner and leading player in education & technology to create an industry-ready pool of skilled youth.

To learn more, visit: http://www.electromechglobal.com/

29 Nov, 2019

Significant Milestone achieved with ISO 45001: 2018 Certification- the newest OHS Management System standard

29 Jan, 2019

Significant Manufacturing Order for Expansion Project in Western India

31 Aug, 2018

EPCC Order for Large Process Plant from Leading Indian-based Synthetic Fiber Manufacturer

30 July, 2018

Large Contract Awarded for Aluminium Refinery in Eastern India

20 April, 2017

Major Contract Awarded for Infrastructure Works by Southern-India based public sector refinery

12 April, 2017

Large Contract Awarded for Continous Copper Rod Casting & Rolling Plant in Western India

17 Feb, 2017

Significant Public Sector Contract awarded for Integrated Refinery Expansion Project in Southern India

24 Dec, 2016

Major Contract Awarded by Leading Exporter of Phosphate Fertilizer in Morocco