Furnace Fabrica has state-of-the-art, captive fabrication facilities or “workshops” with U stamp certification from ASME and ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems verified by DNV of Netherlands.

Locally, the workshops have also been approved by:

  • Chief Controller of Explosives (Government of India) for fabrication of unfired pressure vessels according to SMP (U) Rules.
  • Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) Act for boilers and associated high-pressure piping.




With a shopfloor area of 25,000 sq. ft, we have facilities to design and fabricate various types of Pressure vessels, Columns, Heat-Exchangers, Reactors, Cooler-Bundles, Waste Recovery Boilers, Towers, Stacks, ESP casings, Tanks, Bins and other proprietary oil field and process equipment of low and high pressure ratings. Our workmen are certified by various third party inspection agencies and consultants.

Key Equipment:

  • Crane
  • Crawler(75 tonne) – 1no.
  • EOT crane(10 tonne) – 1no.
  • Hydraulic crane – 3 nos
  • Truck mounted crane – 2 nos.
  • Rolling Machine (50mm thk,28mm thk) – 2 nos
  • Lathe (1000 C Ht/ 10” lg) – 1 no.

  • Hydraulic Power Press (250 Te, 1000Te) – 2 nos
  • Radial Drilling Machine(125,75,60,50 mm Dia
    resp) 4 nos.
  • Magnetic Drilling machine (25 mm Dia) – 4 nos.
  • Shearing machine (8mm CS) – 3 no.
  • Plasma cutting machine – 7 nos.
  • Welding machines


Established in 2010, our Kandla workshop (with a shop floor area of12000sq.m) fabricates high pressure vessels and boilers in compliance with stringent quality control procedures. The workshop has been accredited with a ‘U’,’U2’, ‘S’ and ‘R’ Stamp certificate by ASME.

Key equipment:
Rolling Machine (2 Nos.):

  • Plate width: 3000 mm
  • Plate Thickness: 100 mm on SA516
  • Pre-Pinching Facility
  • 30T overhead crane facility

Membrane Welding Machine:

  • Single panel length: 12000 mm
  • Panel Width: 2600 mm
  • Top & Bottom simultaneous welding
  • 12 MIG torches.

Automatic welding machine

EOT crane ( 50 Te, 30 Te, 20 Te) – 4 nos.

Hydraulic Press:

  • Column Width: 5500 mm
  • Press capacity: 2000T
  • 30T overhead crane facility

Heat Treatment Furnace

  • Size: 10 L x 5 W x 5m H
  • Capacity: 100T
  • Gas & Diesel Fired, PLC Controlled

Radial drilling machine (80mm, 50mm)

Lathe machine


Site Area: 40,000 sq.m
Shop floor Area: 2500 sq.m.
Captive Oxygen and Acetylene plant

Key equipment:

  • Crane
  • Hydraulic crane: 50 Ton
  • Rolling machine(20 mm) – 1 no.
  • Radial drilling machine (70mm)
  • Gas Cutters
  • Welding Machines – 50 nos.


13 Feb, 2020

Furnace Fabrica joins hands with EME Education- SAP partner and leading player in education & technology to create an industry-ready pool of skilled youth.

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29 Nov, 2019

Significant Milestone achieved with ISO 45001: 2018 Certification- the newest OHS Management System standard

29 Jan, 2019

Significant Manufacturing Order for Expansion Project in Western India

31 Aug, 2018

EPCC Order for Large Process Plant from Leading Indian-based Synthetic Fiber Manufacturer

30 July, 2018

Large Contract Awarded for Aluminium Refinery in Eastern India

20 April, 2017

Major Contract Awarded for Infrastructure Works by Southern-India based public sector refinery

12 April, 2017

Large Contract Awarded for Continous Copper Rod Casting & Rolling Plant in Western India

17 Feb, 2017

Significant Public Sector Contract awarded for Integrated Refinery Expansion Project in Southern India

24 Dec, 2016

Major Contract Awarded by Leading Exporter of Phosphate Fertilizer in Morocco